The Case For Reparations

In the Old Testament, Yahweh, “the Lord,” wears a MAGA hat: Make Atonement Great Again. Atonement makes a case for reparations; from the people to “the Lord.” It is an ancient yet still operative system in which “The Lord” is a projection of many earthly ‘Lords’ who exact reparations, meaning payments from the people. Lords … Continue reading “The Case For Reparations”

Who and What We Do and Don’t Know

From Sunday’s Old Testament reading we know of the claim that “all nations” will worship “the Lord.” Western history would seem to bear this claim out. The U.S. continues to show a majority of people still worshiping the Bible’s “Lord.” We also know from the Old Testament and Sunday’s second reading, that “whom the Lord … Continue reading “Who and What We Do and Don’t Know”

Shaking Persecutors

Much of Isaiah affirms the persecution a just deity inflicts upon his chosen people who have been disobedient. Now, in its last chapter, Isaiah tells the chosen people who have returned to obedience that in their repentance their Lord will bless them and turn his angry persecution toward their enemies, “Everyone will see the LORD’s … Continue reading “Shaking Persecutors”


There’s an old joke told about three men being asked, “What do you want to hear said about you as you lay in your coffin.” The first wants to hear: “He was a great family man.” The second wants to hear: “He was a great doctor.” The third wants to hear: “He’s breathing!” In this … Continue reading “Concentration”

Humiliated as Property

Feeling humiliated as a piece of property weaves through this Sunday’s readings. The Israelites feel humiliated as slaves in Egypt, owned as property. Unfortunately, these ex-slaves then conquer and consume “yield from the land of Canaan” because they conquered and humiliated other people as property. Jesus highlights the feeling by telling a parable of a … Continue reading “Humiliated as Property”

Courting Vulnerable Service

Jesus, who witnesses a life of service, is urging service for disciples, “If anyone wishes to be first, he shall be the last of all and the servant of all.” Jesus’ witness is rejected by men who don’t serve but rule instead and will cause his violent death. He tells disciples this truth, he will … Continue reading “Courting Vulnerable Service”

Whatever Became of Sin?

Jesus was realistic about sin. However, he didn’t spend too much time or energy on the sins committed by common people. He spent more time and energy on the sins committed by rulers. Their personal and social sins caused far more harm. The harm was apparent in Jesus’s body when they tortured and murdered him. … Continue reading “Whatever Became of Sin?”