You are a Peacemaking Pioneer

many hands support a seedling

You’ve spent your entire life as a peacemaker; in your family, among friends, at your workplace, and in all the many groups and organizations of which you’ve been a part. It’s because you, and so many others like you, have been persistent pioneers for peace that more and more people across the world are following your lead. People are leaving behind the beaten and deadly path of warmaking to embark on the restorative and life-giving way of peacemaking.

Please help Peace Farm follow your pioneering lead. Help us guide soldiers from the path of war to the way of peace. Help our cooperative community guide soldiers away from the military’s ranks and its obedience to commands and toward equality and conscience. Help our organic farm guide soldiers away from the military’s value of inflicting suffering and toward care for those who are suffering; vulnerable animals, crops, and the earth. Help our artists guide soldiers away from their military training for killing and destruction and toward beauty’s restorative power; grieving all we render to loss and death and celebrating all we give birth to and heal.

Your pioneering spirit is the spirit Peace Farm seeks to continue.

We ask you, in this time of great need – Contribute to Peace Farm:

We are in need of:

  • Lap top computer and printer
  • Freezer
  • Truck (hybrid or electric, used)
  • Paper shredder (for vermicompost)
  • Generator (solar powered)
  • Monetary donations ($10, $20, $50, $100, or more)

In the depths of our souls we know caring for soldiers begins before they ever train for war – to ensure they never go. We know such caring continues for soldiers after they return – so that no other person is ever trained to go to war again.