“Mary Magdala came to the tomb early in the morning… and saw the stone removed.” She ran “to the other disciples… and told them, ‘They have taken Jesus from the tomb, and we don’t know where he is.’” The priestly rulers who sought Jesus’ murder, the political rulers who ordered it, and the soldiers who … Continue reading “Resurrecting”

The Cross: The Axis of Evil

The war waged by rulers against Jesus finally ends with their murder of him, as detailed in today’s Gospel. Religious rulers request Jesus’ torture and murder, political rulers order it, and soldiers carry it out. “The soldiers led Jesus away inside the palace… weaving a crown of thorns, placed it on him,… kept striking his … Continue reading “The Cross: The Axis of Evil”

Lifting Up Soldiers from the Abuse of War

Jeremiah writes of a WarLord, or Soldier Master, who claims to love his “chosen people,” and “will write his law upon their hearts.” But then says, “they broke my covenant, and I had to show myself their master.” The people are shown as holy for accepting enslavement, abuse, and violence from their ruling Soldier Master. … Continue reading “Lifting Up Soldiers from the Abuse of War”

Cancel War

In today’s Gospel, Jesus says, “the light came into the world, but people preferred the darkness to light, because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light, and does not come toward the light, so his works might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to the light.” … Continue reading “Cancel War”

Ending the War on Water

“In their thirst for water, the people grumbled against Moses.” The Lord said to Moses, “Strike the rock, and the water will flow from it for the people to drink.” In the Gospel, a Samaritan woman thirsts for water and goes to a well. She meets Jesus at the well and grumbles a bit with … Continue reading “Ending the War on Water”

Youth Are Not Being Radicalized, They Are Being Soldiered

“God put Abraham to the test.” Take your “son Isaac… and offer him up as a holocaust.” “Abraham… took the knife to slaughter his son.” But God said, “Do not lay your hand on the boy.” “I know now how devoted you are.” Abraham’s tribe is transfigured by his action on a mountaintop. A people … Continue reading “Youth Are Not Being Radicalized, They Are Being Soldiered”

Giving Up War for Lent and for Life

The Old Testament reading recalls a flood experience, lasting 40 days. Its authors believed an ancient Lord, sparing Noah, justifiably waged war against life itself and “destroyed all mortal beings.” War is then waged by the deity’s believers; Moses, Joshua, David, and the like throughout the Old Testament. The Gospel reading recalls a desert experience, … Continue reading “Giving Up War for Lent and for Life”

What Do We Will?

The Old Testament concerns the will of the priestly class to judge a man a sinner. He is a leper. The judgment dehumanizes the man. No longer is he a human being with a disease but instead, he is the disease. He is the sin; “the priest shall declare him unclean… (he) shall keep his … Continue reading “What Do We Will?”

For What Purpose Have I Come?

Job laments that he, a ruler who enslaved people in misery, is himself now “a slave,” in “misery.” Job’s fellow rulers, still enslaving people in misery, visit him with the purpose of determining his sin that resulted in his deserved misery and isolation. Jesus knows no person deserves misery but healing and not isolation but … Continue reading “For What Purpose Have I Come?”