Giving Up War for Lent and for Life

The Old Testament reading recalls a flood experience, lasting 40 days. Its authors believed an ancient Lord, sparing Noah, justifiably waged war against life itself and “destroyed all mortal beings.” War is then waged by the deity’s believers; Moses, Joshua, David, and the like throughout the Old Testament. The Gospel reading recalls a desert experience, … Continue reading “Giving Up War for Lent and for Life”

Women Are Wise

Spending time this Advent with Mary, and women in general, we can discover women are wise. Today’s Old Testament reading unfortunately begins with a fool, the warrior King David. He is feeling anxious because he is not currently laboring at killing, “the LORD has given him rest from his enemies.” The Gospel reading fortunately tells … Continue reading “Women Are Wise”

Doctors of Peace

Jesus is at his last meal with disciples. This includes Judas who has already betrayed Jesus and later that night will assault him. Jesus knows Judas is betraying him. He knows and describes the assault and violence that await. Jesus does not, however, assault Judas nor does he even protest against him. Instead, Jesus initiates … Continue reading “Doctors of Peace”

Peaceful Transfiguration

“Jesus took Peter, James, and John” “up a high mountain.” There they saw Jesus, “transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light.” “And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared.” When we look at Moses and Elijah we see ancient figures bound to the kingdom of Israel. When we … Continue reading “Peaceful Transfiguration”

Peace On All Sides

We usually acknowledge that Jesus does not take sides. What is meant is that he does not play favorites or act like a judge. Jesus does however clearly take sides in the manner of a life witness. For example, Jesus is not on the side of war. He is on the side of peace. In … Continue reading “Peace On All Sides”

Beginning With Peace

Sunday’s readings begin with a passage from Isaiah referred to as the Suffering Servant. It is about a just one; he will fight to “bring forth justice to the nations.” He will not “cry out” nor “shout,” “a bruised reed he shall not break, and a smoldering wick he shall not quench until he establishes … Continue reading “Beginning With Peace”

Revolutionary Prayers

Sunday’s readings speak of troubled times; “unsurpassed in distress.” Jesus’ Gospel message speaks of “tribulation” and the days following it. Jesus speaks his message from Jerusalem. Jerusalem, is an outpost of the Roman Empire, and thus a  headquarters for soldiers who cause troubled times, distress, and tribulation. Jesus is there to give courageous witness to … Continue reading “Revolutionary Prayers”

Pacifist or Christian?

This Sunday’s Old Testament reading concerns Yahweh. Yahweh is the Lord of ‘Hosts’ – which means Lord of ‘Armies.’ Yahweh is a projected warmaker and is ordering obedience. It is the same obedience ordered by the warmakers who invented Yahweh; warmakers such as Moses. In the Gospel Jesus rejects the warmaker Moses and his obedience … Continue reading “Pacifist or Christian?”

Transfigured or Disfigured?

Jesus is Transfigured before the very eyes of three of his disciples. They see his face shine radiant like the sun and his clothes become dazzling white. They watch him instruct two ancient figures on the Transfiguration happening in Christ, and thus, in all humanity. The three disciples, and all since, believe they are witnessing … Continue reading “Transfigured or Disfigured?”

Giving Birth to Peace

Mary of Nazareth is undergoing a series of very trying experiences. She is pregnant under questionable circumstances. She is traveling a great distance on the back of a mule while pregnant. She is being forced upon this trip, late in her pregnancy, by the emperor who wants more tax money from working people. She and … Continue reading “Giving Birth to Peace”