Spirit of Truth

In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus promises the Holy Spirit as a guide to truth. He tells disciples: “The Spirit of Truth will guide you to all truth.” Since disciples will be guided by the Spirit of Truth they will no longer be guided by the Law. Law can consist of doctrine or dogma meaning a … Continue reading “Spirit of Truth”

Holy Energy: Worship or Inspiration

Christ’s Holy Spirit, emphasized on Pentecost, celebrates an ongoing energy shift. It’s the energy shift of holiness changing from worship – extracted energy, to inspiration – enlivening energy. Worship extracts energy by directing ours outward. We direct our energy outward toward an external unchanging deity and his earthly representatives. We seek in return a reward … Continue reading “Holy Energy: Worship or Inspiration”

Holy Relationships

Belief in God as Trinity is an old tradition in Christianity. For some it express their threefold experience of and relationship with Divinity as Creator, Incarnate, and Spirit. God Created us into being, shares our human condition in Christ’s Incarnation, and abides with us as Holy Spirit. The Trinity as a way of relating, however, … Continue reading “Holy Relationships”