Women Are Powerful

Spending time this Advent with Mary, and women in general, we can discover women are powerful. We would not know that power from today’s Old Testament reading. It promotes atonement, meaning it promotes “sin” and “guilt.” The Gospel reading does not promote atonement but does address it. It does so via John in the desert … Continue reading “Women Are Powerful”

Women Are Adventurers

If we spend time this Advent with Mary, and women in general, what might we discover? Today’s Advent readings lend themselves to discovering women are adventurers. The Old Testament addresses “wanderers”, but it is a rebuke. People have wandered far from their family of origin, the tribe with its law and traditions. Such ventures prove … Continue reading “Women Are Adventurers”

Changing the Narrative

The stories of the Old Testament are replete with militarism’s warriors and their glory. That truth is reflected in this Sunday’s Psalm, “Who is this king of glory? The Lord, strong, mighty in battle.” (#24) That narrative changes with the Gospel which tells us the story of a baby, Jesus, and his parents, Mary and … Continue reading “Changing the Narrative”

Called to Community

Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit. In the midst of rulers who spawn division and hatred, Jesus is on a Spirited mission for community and love. “As he was walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter, and his brother Andrew.” “He said to them, “Come after … Continue reading “Called to Community”

Elder Esteem

Why does Jesus tell followers to lessen esteem for their parents? In today’s Gospel he says, “If anyone comes to me without hating father and mother…they cannot be my disciple.” Jesus is undoing the esteem given for worldly position. Unfortunately, Paul, in the second reading reasserts such esteem and thus reasserts its paternalism and slavery. … Continue reading “Elder Esteem”