The Challenge to Change Our Religion

Sunday’s first reading concerns child sacrifice. Yahweh wants Abraham to murder his young son, Isaac, as a test of faith. Will Abraham offer his son in a blood sacrifice ritual for Yahweh? It turns out that Abraham will. At the last moment, however, Yahweh stops Abraham but commends his willingness to obey the violent command. … Continue reading “The Challenge to Change Our Religion”

The Challenge to Change Our Image of God

Sunday’s first reading makes the judgment all the earth and all her people are wicked. One man alone is just, Noah. The Lord God of the Old Testament was thus believed to have saved only that one man and destroyed all else. When everything living is dead, that Lord God promises not to that again. … Continue reading “The Challenge to Change Our Image of God”

Why Jesus Started a Movement and Not a Religion

This Sunday’s readings give insight into the origins of religion. They also show the difference between it and the people’s movement Jesus started. Religion is a Latin word and consists of ‘re’ which means ‘again’ and ‘ligio’ which means ‘to bind’. The truth of religion being a ‘re-bind’ is seen in the first reading. In … Continue reading “Why Jesus Started a Movement and Not a Religion”

What Militarism Whips Up

Jesus’ clearing of the Temple in this Sunday’s Gospel is grossly misinterpreted. Militarists misinterpret it as an act of violence. The misinterpretation allows militarism to maintain its oppressive rule over humanity’s hearts and minds and religious congregations. Militarism has no regard for the peacemaker Jesus of Nazareth. In this misinterpretation and others, they demean, disrespect, … Continue reading “What Militarism Whips Up”


The God presented for worship in the Old Testament simply does not match Jesus’ revelation of Divinity in the Gospel. The difference is the difference between the religion of militarism and the spirituality of Jesus. One assurance of our evolution beyond militarism’s religion and toward Jesus’ spirituality is the difference between a warrior and an … Continue reading “Advocate”

Opening Our Hearts and Minds

Are you the only person who does not know of the things going on in the U.S.? Are you the only one unaware of all that is taking place in these times? Christian priests and pastors are guilty of sex abuse. Christian leaders are building million dollar mansions for themselves. Christian lawmakers are refusing to … Continue reading “Opening Our Hearts and Minds”

Knowing God

John the Baptist lets us know in this Sunday’s Gospel that before Jesus’ baptism he didn’t actually know Jesus. He said it twice: “I did not know him.” There are additional instances after Jesus’ baptism that shows John didn’t entirely understand Jesus, or His mission. (Matthew 11:2-6) Though John doesn’t know Jesus, John knows the … Continue reading “Knowing God”